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Have a voice in the result of your legal issue through the mediation process. Choose the professional mediation services of Hickman Mediations.

This is a Veteran Owned Business.

  • Florida Supreme Court, County Court Certified Mediator, #34346CF
  • Florida Supreme Court, Certified Family Mediator, #34346CF
  • Florida Supreme Court, Approved Arbitrator Training Program
  •  FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitrator, #A62038
  • Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Member
  • Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce, Former Member
  • ***A Veteran Owned Business***

Why Litigate when you can Mediate?

Mediation normally begins with a certified mediator making an opening statement and explaining the rules of the mediation process.  During the opening the overall goals will be explained, as well as, an explanation of the benefits of the parties coming to an amicable agreement.


Mediation is a voluntary negotiation process in which two or more parties use a neutral and impartial third party (mediator) to assist them in resolving a dispute.  The primary concern is not legal rights but shared interest and values. It is not the function of mediation to determine who is right or wrong. 


Hickman Mediations is a professional, friendly firm that has your best interest in mind.  The approach taken is an empowering approach which provides all parties the ability to make resolutions that are best for them.  The Legal Professionals at Hickman Mediations, have a passion for mediation and utilize years of career and life experiences to assist you with your resolution.  Allow US to mediate for YOU!


What is mediation?

"It is almost impossible to stay out of any conflict for your entire life. Most of the time, disputes are easily resolved, but, in some cases, the assistance of a third party might be necessary to reach a resolution.

Mediation is a process in which two disputing sides make use of the assistance of a third party that is impartial and trained to resolve the issue and reach a settlement. The third party is experienced using specialised communication and negotiation techniques and helps the conflicting parties find an optimal solution to their problem. The mediation can occur in an informal meeting or a conference, pre-scheduled for the settlement of the dispute.

The procedure is voluntary and non-binding, and, importantly, it keeps the issue confidential and mostly interest-based. Neither disputing party is bound to agreeing on the negotiated settlement and either can terminate the mediation at any time. In most countries, the mediation process is not governed by any specific regulatory act, so the parties are free to decide the rules to which the mediation will adhere.

Any dispute that is either pending in a court for settlement or may need to be filed in a court can be resolved with the help of mediation." (mediation-practical-tips-for-help-resolving-a-dispute)

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