Phone Conferences

phone conferences

Phone conferences can be used as a negotiation process in which two or more parties use a neutral and impartial third party (mediator) to assist them in resolving a dispute.  Phone conference can take place when one or more parties are not available to attend the mediation process.  This situation is ideal when one party is out of town (State), but wishes to participate in the mediation process to resolve an issue.  During the phone conference the third party facilitator works with the party(s) either in person or over the phone to help them express their interests and identify issues. 

Hickman Mediations has taken this unique approach to mediation by allowing one or both parties to remain at an off-site location and use the phone to conduct the mediations process. This process will require the party(s) not present to have access to a phone with a good signal.  The non-present party(s) will call-in, be placed on speaker phone and the mediation process will move forward as though all parties where in the same room.  If it is necessary to speak with one party at a time (caucus), non-participating parties will be placed on mute, or be called back once the party in caucus has completed making their statement. 


The final agreement (stipulation) will be signed in-person and considered a contract which is enforced under the general principles of contract law. 


For more information on phone conference mediation contact Hickman Mediations at (407) 483-4469.