Prices (If you don't see what you need please ask)

Prenuptial $200
Mediation Notice Letter  $50
Marriage Application $20
Paternity Packet $300
Simplified Divorce Documents (No children/property/joint dept) $250
Divorce Documents with Dependent or Minor Children $300
Divorce Documents with Property/Debt but No Children $300
Divorce Documents with No Children or No Property $300
Divorce Documents with Children and Property $350
Request for Debt, Mediation Letter $100
Notary Service (Per document) $10
Mobile Notary (Travel in Osceola County) (Plus Notary Service) $100
Modification of Divorce Agreement $200
 Pro Se Response to Dissolution of Marriage Documents  $250
Mediation (per hour) $350
Arbitration (Panel of three for 1/2 day/per Arbitrator) $500
Arbitration (Panel of three full day/per Arbitrator) $700
Foreclosure Negotiation Letter $150
Expungement Document Assistance $350
Living Will (Typing) $250
Health Care Surrogate (Typing) $250
Durable Power of Attorney (Typing) $300
Regulatory Compliance Research (per hour) $75
Quit Claim Deed (Typing) $150
 Electronic Payments (PayPal/Square etc.) 5% Charge  
*Military/LEO Discount (Please mention before billing)



Our prices save you money.  Come see us for professional service. Divorce Documents include: dissolution of marriage, family court cover sheet, and notice of social security forms only. Additional prices may apply for all other forms, including: parenting plan, family law financial form, mandatory disclosure form, child support guidelines worksheet, and child custody jurisdiction forms.  Call us for a free review.                                                              Hickman Mediations, hourly rate is $175 an hour, per party, with a two-hour minimum ($350). Initial payment is due upon booking of your mediation. Payment can be made via check, over the phone ((407) 483-4469), Zelle, by using,. or PayPal at: (*If payment is made via credit card a 3% service fee is due) ($360.50)                                                                                     The minimum fee is due and payable to our offices upon confirming your mediation date and time and our office reserves the right to cancel any mediation scheduled should the minimum fee not be received by our offices in full within five business (5) days of your receipt of the correspondence.      This minimum fee is non-refundable except under agreed upon circumstances.




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