Prices (If you don't see what you need please ask)

Prenuptial $200
Marriage Application $20
Paternity Packet $300
Simplified Divorce Documents (No children/property/joint dept) $250
Divorce Documents with Dependent or Minor Children $300
Divorce Documents with Property/Debt but No Children $300
Divorce Documents with No Children or No Property $300
Divorce Documents with Children and Property $350
Request for Debt, Mediation Letter $100
Notary Service (Per document) $10
Mobile Notary (Travel in Osceola County) (Plus Notary Service) $100
Modification of Divorce Agreement $200
 Pro Se Response to Dissolution of Marriage Documents  $250
Mediation (per hour) $350
Arbitration (Panel of three for 1/2 day/per Arbitrator) $500
Arbitration (Panel of three full day/per Arbitrator) $700
Foreclosure Negotiation Letter $150
Expungement Document Assistance $350
Living Will (Typing) $250
Health Care Surrogate (Typing) $250
Durable Power of Attorney (Typing) $300
Regulatory Compliance Research (per hour) $75
Quit Claim Deed (Typing) $150
*Military/LEO Discount (Please mention before billing)



Our prices save you money.  Come see us for professional service. Divorce Documents include: dissolution of marriage, family court cover sheet, and notice of social security forms only. Additional prices may apply for all other forms, including: parenting plan, family law financial form, mandatory disclosure form, child support guidelines worksheet, and child custody jurisdiction forms.  Call us for a free review.




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