Child Custody

child custody

I understand and have experienced the emotional stress and strife that is inherent to a divorce, even more so when it comes to child custody and time sharing.  We mediate to protect your child's best interest as well as your own parental rights through this very trying and emotional process. We recommend avoiding litigation and instead working out your own custody and visitation stipulations through our mediation process, which is often less costly, more private, and potentially less stressful.

There is a solution if you find yourself in this situation, “why litigate when you can mediate?”  Mediation puts you in control of the outcome of your custody and visitation resolution. You can greatly limit your time in court and remain in control of the outcome of a very common but unfortunate situation called shared parenting or time sharing battles. Making a conscious decision to move forward with solving a child custody or time sharing issue in a cooperative manner can help turn a courtroom battle field into a safe zone and make the legal process a win-win situation.  


At the completion of our mediation if you agree to a common resolution, we will reduce the agreement to writing, which will be submitted to a family judge in lieu of requesting a custody hearing.  Let us mediate and assist you with the outcome you want and need.


child custody mediation