We offer professional legal document preparation of documents/forms to the public. 


Prices do not include court fees, filing fees, process service fees, faxes, mailing and telephone calls. However, notary service is included with forms prepared by Hickman Mediations & Arbitrations, LLC.  If you do not see the document, you are looking for please ask and we will see if we can accommodate you. 


Services Cost

Marriage Application

Simplified Divorce(No children/property/joint dept)

Divorce with Dependent or Minor Children

Divorce with Property/Debt but No Children

Divorce with No Children or No Property

Request for Debt Mediation Letter

Notary Service -Per document

Modification of Divorce

Legal Court Motions

Mediation (per hour/person)

*Military Discount















The hourly rate for private mediation cases is $115 per person, with a two-hour minimum. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the parties shall share the fee equally. (Example in that event, of a two-party mediation, each party shall pay $100 per hour)


For simple small claim credit card and debt collection cases, a flat fee of $150 is applicable. 

  • The minimum fee or flat fee shall be prepaid by the parties or guaranteed by their legal counsel. Once the two hour block is complete, mediation will temporarily be paused until additional payments are made. Upon completion of the mediation conference, any unpaid fee balance is due and payable. 
  • In multi-party cases, the allocation of fees shall be determined in advance.
  • This fee structure is subject to change without notice.
  • Prior to a mediation conference, the parties shall receive written notice of the fee structure and conditions.




Cancellation must be received by Hickman Mediation's prior to 48 hours of the scheduled mediation.  If the 48 hour cancellation policy is breached, a two-hour payment is due, based on the unlikelihood of being able to reschedule the time which was reserved for your mediation.

Non-Lawyer Disclaimer:

Hickman Mediation’s is a non-lawyer service and may only help clients fill out general forms and forms approved by the Supreme Court of Florida.  We cannot provide legal advice.  We may only help by asking factual questions to fill in the blanks on the form. Hickman Mediation’s may also inform clients on how to prepare the forms if they prefer.