Child Support

We understand finances or the lack thereof could be the most important aspect of returning to a normal life after a divorce or break-up.  Your child's best interest is the key to the smooth resolution of what could be a traumatic event. We are concerned and promise to help you rest assure that your child will be fairly supported. If you have children the stakes are higher and emotions could run rapid. It is important to understand your solution will protect your child from being a victim of the process.


We understand the emotional stress and strife that is inherent to a divorce, especially when child custody and time sharing issues are involvedIf you find yourself in this situation, “why litigate when you can mediate?”  We assist you to protect your child's best interest, as well as, address your parental rights through this difficult process. Through mediation, you can avoid costly litigation and work through these stressful details in a more private environment.

Through the mediation process, it is our goal to help you reach a common resolution.  After a resolution has been decided, we will produce a written agreement for you which will be submitted to a family judge.  This helps you avoid a lengthy and costly custody hearing.  Let us mediate and assist you with the outcome you want and need.


child support

There is a solution if you find yourself in this situation, “why litigate when you can mediate?”

child support mediation