Debt Mediation

Who hasn’t accumulated debt?  Most people will have outstanding debt some time or another and this can be overwhelming without assistance.  Stop the debt collectors from calling and harassing you and agree to mediate a settlement. Many debt collectors, banks, and credit card companies will accept a fraction of the actual owed amount or agree to small incremental payments to settle an outstanding balance. If a rational solution cannot be compromised, you could find yourself in front of a Florida Court Judge, who will dictate a final judgment.


There is a solution if you find yourself in this situation, “why litigate when you can mediate?”  Mediation puts you in control of the outcome of your settlement. You can stay out of court and remain in control of the outcome of a very common but unfortunate situation known as debt collection. Making a conscious decision to move forward with solving an overdue debt issue in a cooperative manner can help turn a courtroom battle field into a safe zone and make the legal process a win-win situation. At the completion of our mediation if you agree to a common resolution, we will reduce the agreement to writing, which will be submitted to a County Court Civil Judge in lieu of requesting a judgment hearing.  Let me mediate and assist you with the outcome you want and need.


debt mediation